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Yog: Monster from Space [1970]

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  AKA Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai no daikaijû. Absolutely awesome poster. Other posters are great too. But somehow I just know there is not gonna be any monster that big, no space fighting. It’s gonna be a guy in a rubber suit slowly stumbling around. Why am I even bothering? The picture is just too beautiful to pass. Directed by Ishirō Honda, the creator of Godzilla and Akira Kurosawa’s assistant director and sometimes more, allegedly directing some segments from Kurosawa’s Dreams. Continue reading


Dr. Renault’s Secret [1942]

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  An WW2 horror mystery with a really lame poser, cast and crew not ringing any bells. Movie is weirdly clocking at less then an hour, but I love that, the shorter the better, while still being a feature, of course. What’s unfortunate, if you try to find out anything about the movie on the Internet, you’ll surely know Dr. Renault’s secret before even watching the movie, since everyone’s comparing the movie to a certain work of literature. But what got me somewhat excited is that it was released in the Fox Horror Classics box alongside Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s Dragonwyck, a brilliant gothic film by a man who made the absolute classic All About Eve only four years later. Hope it’s in the box with a reason. Continue reading

Icarus XB 1 [1963]

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  AKA Ikarie XB-1 A Czechoslovakian pre-Star Trek and Pre-2001: A Space Odyssey science fiction film based on a novel by Stanislaw Lem, the author of Solyaris. And not a comedy! I was lead to believe by my mother and Jirí Menzel that Czechs made only comedies. Even more, it’s supposed to feature no monsters from outer space and other trashy stuff most science fiction films of the era were made of, at least American and Japanese. Continue reading

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century [1979]

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  Buck Rogers, a legendary pulp hero from two stories published in Amazing Stories in late 1920’s and innumerous comic strips published daily from then to 1967, adapted for screen two times before, in 1939 as a 12 part serial and in unfortunetly lost 1950 tv series, returns in 1979 to screen in this theatrically released tv series pilot. Continue reading