Yog: Monster from Space [1970]


  AKA Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai no daikaijû. Absolutely awesome poster. Other posters are great too. But somehow I just know there is not gonna be any monster that big, no space fighting. It’s gonna be a guy in a rubber suit slowly stumbling around. Why am I even bothering? The picture is just too beautiful to pass. Directed by Ishirō Honda, the creator of Godzilla and Akira Kurosawa’s assistant director and sometimes more, allegedly directing some segments from Kurosawa’s Dreams.

Unmanned space probe with some crew room.

  A space probe is sent to Jupiter to collect data, but on the way it gets intercepted by a blue space mist thing, gets taken over by it, turned around in place as if by hand, towards Earth. On Earth, it’s disappear is a mystery. Also, on Earth, our hero, the photographer, is in a plane, looking out of the window, and what does he see? A probe, falling through the clouds, down on Earth. Being a master geographer, he immediately marks it on a detailed map of the area he overflies. What’s that, you don’t carry detailed maps around at all times?

Our hero Taro Kudo (Akira Kubo). You see how I pretend to care about Japanese names?

  He tells the crazy story to his editor, but he doesn’t believe him. Damn! But conviently some other agency hires him to come to an island to take some photos. The X which marks the island happens to be in the same place where his probe landing X is. A doctor, a gal and a suspicious anthropologist accompany him. Once on the island they get attacked by the monsters. Where do they come from? Will they ever stop? How can they be defeated?

The turtle monster, Gezora.

  The first of the monsters they encounter is Gezora, a giant octopus monster. Although it’s a man in the suit, the feeling of hugeness is present. Unfortunetly, it has no cool things one would expect, like an ink attack, camouflage or autotomising limbs when attacked. It just walks around and crushes thing with tentacle pounds. The second monster is giant crab monster, Ganime. Looks cooler than Gezora, it’s coolness being cramped with retarded eyes. Also, features no cool thing a crab monster could do like not feel pain. Not even fucking pincer attack. He’s just bangs around like he has hammers. The third monster is Kameba, a giant turtle. Is ridiculously extends it’s neck and has a stupid sly smile on it’s face at all times. But it’s some stupid kind of turtle, again with no cool turtle stuff like retreating inside a shell. Why taking real animals if you ain’t gonna exploit their features?


  The monsters are not so lame by themselves, but the irritatingly slow action is making me hate them. There are some funny moments like dumb falls and turtle vs. crab wrestling moves. The photography is rather beautiful, obviously remastered version. The island where it’s shot is also beautiful, making every shot pleasant to the eye. The characters are completely undeveloped, but maybe it’s just me because I can’t relate with Asians. Also, I watched it dubbed, so the people seem even less real. The movie actually has variety, scuba scenes, caves, bats, monsters, natives, natives’ witchdoctor, decent action, fire, explosions, guns, convenient volcano at the end, monster vs. men, monster vs. monster, possessions, alien voices from outer space. Despite all that it gets to be boring on several occasions, mostly when the awfully monsters are on screen.

The gang.

  When you plan to see this movie, you know what you’re getting. Slow unspectacular monsters. Other than that genre standard (I think, I’ve seen only a few), production is great, beautiful location, variety of plot element, everything but monster fights is fast paced.



I love this setting. Had Zombi 2 feeling from time to time.

Tracks on the beach.







Use the pincer, c’mon!

If this final fight was sped up, it would be great.

Kaiju bukkake.

Convenient volcano.




4 Responses to “Yog: Monster from Space [1970]”

  1. the creator of Godzilla and Akira Kurosawa’s assistant director and sometimes more ;) :hih

  2. kako si posrao monstere a iz trejlera rulaju. ;(

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