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Zombie Women of Satan [2009]

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  New low budget horrors are usually awful, only trying to be grindhouse but actually being pretty tame, moderate violence and especially nudity. And they have a lot of fucking bras. Brassieres, fuck you! I’d rather see a woman fully clothed, then see her wearing a bra while we should all pretend that she’s naked, only ’cause it was the filmmakers neighbor, so she wanted to show no tits. But I saw some stills from this movie and saw a lot of tits, some gore. Also, I saw that MPAA twats rated it for strong sexuality and nudity. The only thing they’re good for, checking if movie has tits. This poster is delicious, don’t you just love veiny tits? Actually, veins improve any body part, be that arm or penis or whatever. Only rectums are definitely not improved by big veins. Continue reading


Silent Night, Deadly Night [1984]

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  Those of us who love horror fiction know that horror films and Christmas have more in common than you would think. They both give you this warm and fuzzy feeling. And I’m not a retarded eyeliner wearing teen saying that violence and gore give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. What gives it is fear I guess. Like a little boy tells to the famous Italian nightmare detective Dylan Dog in one of the issues, “sometimes it’s nice to feel fear…that way you don’t think about the bad stuff.” Of course, it’s also the pure escapist entertainment of violence. But Christmas is escapist too, don’t you think? So, we have a christmas horror with small role by a legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley. Looks promising. Continue reading

Orgy of the Dead [1965]

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  So far, I’ve watched two Ed Wood’s movies (Plan 9 from Outer Space and Necromania A Tale of Weird Love), and I hate his guts. I don’t find it funny or so good it’s bad, it’s just plain awful, completely irritating and unwatchable. But I thought to myself, there’s a shitload of tits, and it wasn’t directed by him, although Apostolof is also kinda infamous. Also, it’s based on a novel, so you know, a novel has to have some kind of a plot, even if it’s written by a cockfart filmmaker himself. Continue reading