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Mega Piranha [2010]

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  A movie produced by The Asylum for SyFy with giant mutated piranhas. How can this not be fun? The movie poster says they are created to save mankind. How the fuck can giant piranha save mankind? From who? Besides that the poster is epic, as you can see. I also wondered who Tiffany is. I can’t possibly remember, but she was a shitty (listening to Greatest Hits album as I write) pop singer in the 80s. Twenty years later she posed naked (watching the scans as I write) for Playboy. We have a playboy cover girl here, fuck yeah! Continue reading


The Exorcist III [1990]

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  Initially, I was somewhat skeptical, mainly because what the first sequel turned out to be, and also seeing that William Peter Blatty was assigned to direct it. You know how it can get when novelists direct movies. On the good note, Blatty wrote the story and the script this time, and Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings movies) is in it. Now that I think of it, maybe I should’ve seen The Ninth Configuration before seeing this one, ’cause it’s supposed to be the real sequel. Continue reading