Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile [1974]


  In 1960, a real murderer, a grave robber, supposedly a necrophile and a cannibal, Ed Gein was inspiration behind Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Fourteen years later a case of collective consciousness made two separate films, one being Tobe Hooper’ The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, another classic horror, and the other, less known and more truthful, Deranged, subtitled Confessions of a Necrophile in the USA. Bob Clark, the director of another horror classic and a personal favourite, Black Christmas, when asked to direct the film, refused, saying the script is too disturbing, and accepted only to produce it under a pseudonym. Also features effects by Tom Savini, who rose to some mainstream fame acting in Robert Rodriguez’ From Dusk Till Dawn and Planet Terror, but where’s he really good is makeup and special effects, working on George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead and more. You too hyped, or is it just me?

If I had to eat this kindergarden food…

  Ezra Cobb (Roberts Blossom) is mommas boy. For ten years she’s been paralized he’s taking care of her, sleeping in front of her bedroom doors etc. When she dies, he pretends she’ll be back any time now, cleaning her room every day, keeping it just as is was. After a year, he can’t take it anymore, and he makes sure she’s back, but since it’s been a year, she’s badly decayed. But fortunetly, there will always be new, fresh graves to rob and bring momma first some skin and body parts, then some friends and later on even some new human furniture! Here are your ideas for the next Mother’s Day.

…I’d be puking blood too.

  Unfortunately (or fortunately for moviegoers) his victims are not only corpses. Ma Cobb (Cosette Lee) was always making sure her son is not lost to a woman, preaching that all woman are dirty whores full of diseases, who just want his money, always quoting the bible for confirmation. “The wages of sin is gonorrhea, syphilis, and death!” says momma. But there’s one woman he can trust said momma to him on her deathbed, and that’s her old friend Maureen Selby (Marian Waldman), and if you were wondering why she can be trusted it’s cause she’s fat. He comes to her one evening for some spiritual session, where she contacts her late husband, and he commands through her to Ezra that he must make her a woman again. Ezra is happy to oblige and score some BBW pussy, that is until he remembered what momma always used to say. But still he likes the idea of it, so he searches for company of woman, and he finds it in the waitress Mary (Micki Moore). Will he finally get some pussy, or will his collection get some pussy?

Lookin’ good, Ma Cobb!

  You see what I did there? It’s funny ’cause when the police searched Ed Gein’s house, they found nine vulvas in a shoe box. Sounds like a children’s song. Anyway, the atmosphere is pretty grizzly, even made me feel bad for watching it for the moment, though it has some subtly humorous moments, especially that session with moms fat friend Selby. The session is presented humorous, mind you. The dark humour is subtle enough to escape some viewers not familiar enough with the genre I think. The story is told pretty emotionally detached, filmmakers not wanting to judge. But aside from the occasional smile or chuckle, the atmosphere is, like I said, dark and pretty sick, especially the part where he takes care of her mother.

I love that face he makes.

  We even grow to like Ezra Cobb, since his role was brilliantly played by Roberts Blossom. The faces he makes, the way he talks. He looks naive, good natured and even at the end of the movie it seems like he’s doing it only cause he thinks he need to. The real villain here is Ma Cobb, not on screen long enough (at least alive) for me to form any opinion on the actress. Her cock-craving fat friend Maureen Selby is played by the very lovable Marian Waldman, the sorority’s housemother from Bob Clark’s Black Christmas. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see her BBW tits, ’cause Ezra loses his shit. The waitress Mary is played by Micki Moore, who has the worse tanned skin, wears grandma panties and did not show boobs. Fun fact is that Harvey Keitel auditioned for the starring role. It’s funny to watch this movie and try to picture him doing all the stuff Ezra does. Blossom was a much better picks, by the way.

Beautiful, Savini, just beautiful.

  It’s an almost perfect low budget horror with grisly atmosphere with a matching pacing and some subtle dark humour, a brilliant performance by Roberts Blossom, who really made every minute of the movie enjoyable. Not in a way you enjoy vanilla milk shake. The makeup of of the corpses is really good, thanks to the work of Tom Savini, only shame is that the goriest scene and the best indicator of his craftsmanship is a eyes gouging and brain removing scene cut in most prints, so it’s not beautifully remastered like the rest of the movie. On the other hand, it gives more of a grim feel to the scene. There are tits also, some beautiful bloody tits, so there’s pretty much everything one might expect from a movie like this. A real treat for anyone trying to fin for some gems hidden in the vaults of grindhouse cinemas.

Spiritual seance.

The waiteress Mary (Micki Moore).

Well, now I’ll never have to think again when asked the dream dinner scene question.

Sweet hands of a human taxidermist and grave robber.

I’m sure he would make them a size or two bigger once she’s preserved.

That’s Sally (Pat Orr). She loves animals, works at the local convenience store, and gets hanged from a hook and gutted.

I forget to mentioned she is hunted like an animal.

Violance and nudity is always a winning combination.

Don’t you agree? ‘Cause my friend down there sure does.



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  1. they found nine vulvas in a shoe box. Sounds like a children’s song.


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