Gakidama [1985]


  There was a lot of ways this movie could’ve failed. It could’ve been a non-stop gorefest, mainly because it was descibed as a gore film, it’s really short and it went straight to video. Not that any of the other two thing really indicate that, but it’s just what I feel. What’s wrong with a non-stop gorefest, you ask? Well, it tends to get boring, just like non-stop sex.

Light is eating the ghost trap!

The movie tells a story of a journalists of supernatural going to the woods to catch a ghost who is said to appear on camera. In the woods, almost nothing happens but some lights, but little did they know that the light left something in them. When back in town, one of them starts to eat unbelievable amounts of food. Like you guessed, he’s eating for two. One night, in a beautiful “birth” scene, he gives birth to a funny little creature you see in the screenshots, Gakidama. Them, a mysterious man in black appears and captures the creature.

Mysterious Gakidama collector

  For now on, this may not seem as an original piece of cinema. But when thing start to unfold, the guy who gave birth to the creature develops a food addiction, precisely Gakidama addiction. Also, his unbarren wife develops a love for the child, and wants it back. I found that particular aspect of a movie very interesting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t developed too much.

Just like me in 4 am ending my one day diet

  It’s a real shame that a movie like this doesn’t represent Japanese horror, not wankery like Hideo Nakata. No wonder my friends roll their eyes when j-horror is mentioned, with first though being an emo girl coming out of the television or a random kid in a white trench coat. Great movie with a great atmosphere, nice pace clocking at 55 minutes, some original ideas and a rubber creature. What more can one ask? All right, except for tits.

You hoped he gave birth through his ass. Or even better, his penis. But he didn’t.

He’s so cute when in motion

Not so much anymore


Gakidama served

Maybe there’s no tits, but explosions are here \o/

Well, there’s tits, kinda

Heeeeere’s Gakidama!

As you can see I really liked the bathroom scene




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