Noble Lady Bound Vase [1977]


  AKA Kifujin Shibari Tsubo. This is my first pinku film ever. Pinku eiga (not too be confused with pinky violence, even wikipedia redirects pinky violence to piknu film) is a Japanese softcore film. But in Japan, they have a better reason for not showing the money shot. The law forbids depiction of genitals, even pubic hair. Because of that the filmmakers have overcome that obstacle, and what you get are erotic pieces of cinema, unlike western (although there used to be some exceptions) generic and boring jerk off material.

He sure is gonna do same rapin’

  The guy in the picture above buys a wife from her father because of some debt, half a year ago. His into bondage and s&m and she’s not. But what does he care, he bought her, he can do whatever he want. So he basiclly rapes her every day. But the plot thickens! She sends a letter to her ex-boyfriend, her true love, bia her stepson or houseboy, I’m not sure. When her husband’s sister (who he had a incestuous relationship, of course) catches a letter, forced urinating and crucifixions ensue.

That’s what you get for being a woman!

  There’s all sorts of perversions done to the woman. She’s tied and raped, held tied for maybe even days, beaten with a stick, raped with a dildo by hubby’s friend, held in a cage, forced to have sex with her boyfriend while all husband’s friends are watching etc. She may be nude all the time and it may be shot in a pretty erotic manner, but bondage was never my thing, so the movie is kinda boring. Techinaclly speaking, I was pretty impressed. From lighting and camera to art direction and design, all was on a professional level, higher then I would expect from, well, porn.


  To a porn ridden mind of a western viewer this might get a little boring towards the end, since, you know, there’s no money shot, and also not enough plot. Then again, recently I’m not in a mood for a quiet movies without ninjas and robots, which this one sure is. It’s a nice piece of cinematography which should not be categorized as porn. One more thing. Don’t knock of pinky violence as a genre, under assumption that it’s just sex filled drama. It’s a whole new genre, with action and shit.

Well, this looks uncomfortable

For all the misogynists

I want a picture comment generator

mmm <3

Smell torture

Tarantino must’ve jerked his little dick over this scene

Hey, man, it’s just phrase!

Jesus was a woman

He’s there also when you have sex

Who says rape isn’t funny?

Sister is also getting some rough action, why should she get away with being a woman?

You think nothing can be worse then gang rape. Well, japanese gang rape is.


All’s well that ends well

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    imaš pržilicu da mi spržiš ovo kume? ;D

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