The Exorcist III [1990]


  Initially, I was somewhat skeptical, mainly because what the first sequel turned out to be, and also seeing that William Peter Blatty was assigned to direct it. You know how it can get when novelists direct movies. On the good note, Blatty wrote the story and the script this time, and Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings movies) is in it. Now that I think of it, maybe I should’ve seen The Ninth Configuration before seeing this one, ’cause it’s supposed to be the real sequel.

Father Dyer (Ed Flanders)

  Lieutenant William F. Kinderman (George C. Scott) works on a case, serial killer who’s victims include a 12 year old boy and a priest, both decapitated and heavily mutilated. The funny thing is, the modus operandi of the killer is identical to the M.O. of The Gemini Killer, who was executed 15 years ago, and no one really knew it, ’cause the police kept it a secret and release the false information to the press. When Lt. Kinderman is lead to the hospital, in a psychiatric ward he meets a patient who was found on wandering the streets 15 years ago, and was catatonic up until recently. He resembles Father Karras, the exorcist from the first movie. Also he resembles The Gemini Killer.

Lieutenant William F. Kinderman (George C. Scott)

  Where is the devil and green puke and all kinds of demonic shit, you say? Well, nowhere. Well again, it was supposed to be nowhere. But then the producers said to Blatty, “Yo, Will mah boy, what’s with them turned heads and hell fires?” Old Will had to oblige, because, hell, they have the money! As I can see on the interwebs, people bitch and moan about it, but I guess it’s the filthy inner hippie in everyone (not me, the only thing inside of me is a giant black…wait, what?) complaining about the people with powah, the system, how they control them and shit. Blatty imagined it as a hardboiled mystery story, with some philosophical undertones. But the exorcism at the end, and all other demonic stuff, I liked it, it added to the wide pallet of genres it adds to the mix, but sophisticated, not crazy Japanese style.

Random syringe screenshot

  While George C. Scott sure isn’t Lee J. Cobb, I really liked his laid back (but intense when needed) performance, as a hardboiled detective, but not overly caricaturistic. He brilliantly delivers clever dialogue lines perfectly, making with Ed Flanders an enjoyable duo, proving once again that Razzie Award jerks (who nominated him for one that year) are to be completely ignored. But Brad Dourif’s performance one can completely enjoy. His “mad” monologues sometimes last five minutes, maybe more, but I could sit through fucking hours of him being mad. Beautiful performance.

Yes, that’s right. Mother Fucking Fabio

  So, should you see the movie. Absolutely. Intriguing story, even if you know whodunit, enjoyable performances, great directing, great atmosphere. Don’t believe the haters who read the novel and are hairsplitting. It’s a fucking adaptation, even if it’s studio forced, it’s not supposed to be literal. Can’t wait to see The Ninth Configuration.

It’s a dream, there are no zombies, the studio didn’t go that far. It’s not Italian.

Amateur. When I flash it’s always the people that don’t know me.

Retro computers! Yay! <3

I almost thought there aren’t gonna be any tits, but there’s a picture of tits. Maybe an Xzibit joke can be made.

Who’s this exorcist?!

Fuck, I think I’m gonna haw to watch his monologues right now

Is Lt. Kinderman taking junk?

Almost spoiled it for ya. Will she or will she not?

“Do it Will, do it! Put it in! Put the scene in the fucking movie!”

“Put it in your movie or we gonna cancel it!”

Yes, that’s Samuel L. Jackson. Yes, those are midgets carrying a clock. If it was a TV, it sure won’t be them doing the carrying.

Note that trailer pretty much misrepresents the movie.

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