Exorcist II: The Heretic [1977]


  Every now and then in the 70s a hippie got clean and sober and decided to make a movie. Everyone has one of those friends who smoke every day, and you say remembering them (since you don’t hang with them ’cause they’re fucking retarded): “Yeah, he was a really smart guy, what a shame.” Now imagine if your friend made a movie. ESP, collective hypnosis machine, demons, African shamans, paedophilia and all other things hippies love are here, in this infamous sequel.


  In a hippie psychiatry hospital with glass rooms Dr. Gene Tuskin (Louise Fletcher) works with special children, among them Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair, now with tits), the possessed girl from part one. She has troubles sleeping, and she repressed memories of possession. I really can’t see how the later is a bad thing, but ok. Meanwhile, Father Philip Lamont (Richard Burton) is investigating the death of Father Merrin (Max von Sydow), Regan’s exorcist. Dr. Tuskin hooks them on a collective hypnosis machine, where Regan remembers all the horrible shit that happened to her. Father Lamont, in trance, follows the evil spirit, in the shape of a locust, to Africa, to some other Merrin’s exorcisms. After that, he really goes to Africa, meets James Earl Jones in a locust costume, who’s also a locust expert. Other weird shaman, psychedelic shit happens there, I don’t remember really, both the movie and my memory are a mess.

She’s really hot. H3h3

  The movie wouldn’t be this messy if Lee J. Cobb didn’t die. The thing is, his character Lieutenant Kinderman was supposed to be a main character, and when he died, the script got hastily rewritten, ending up like it did. The biggest star, Richard Burton, accepted the role only so he can star in another studio’s movie, and it really shows. He’s more bored that Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. Linda Blair is happy all the time, despite the fact that the demon is back, and that kills the atmosphere really. Not that there’s anything to kill, all the stupidity already did it. The only thing that brings the tension up (still not anywhere near the first one) is Ennio Morricone’s already great score used pretty good.

Richard Burton

  You probably heard what a piece of shit this movie is. It’s not, really. I mean, if you compare it to The Exorcist in any sense, or expect a real sequel, in spirit or story, you ain’t getting it. But if you wants some funny science vs. pseudo-science and spirituality, African shamans, ESP, demon possessions and all other goodness 70s horrors were full of, you got it. Along that you get some great Ennio Morricone music, big budget and Richard Burton and James Earl Jones, actors you’re not gonna see in low budget horrors we love so much. It’s a fun ride.

Not only there’s this terrace, on like a hundredth floor, which is unusual in the first place…

…but it’s not safe at all, I mean, you can just walk off it

She has really ugly feet, shame

Locusts! Africans!

James Earl Jones roaring

Before being a snake, James Earl Jones was a locust

I just liked this screenshot

Finally! Tits!

Priest’d hit it!

Told ya

What’s wrong with the railing?!

I’d swear a guy at 0:24 is sucking a cock

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