Day of the Nightmare [1965]


  More 60s sexploitation schlock from Something Weird Video. This time packed as a cheap Psycho knock off, even though the internets say that it’s about a dead woman who returns from the grave to wreak vengeance upon her enemies. Just to clear that up, so you would buy it expecting a zombie horror, it’s a mystery thriller, or at least it wants to be.

Obligatory tits screenshot

  Barbara Crane is a naive housewife, always alone because her husband, Jonathan, is always in LA on a business trip. Surprisingly, he goes there to cheat on her, but it’s no ordinary old in-out. There he paints nude models, bondages them, spanks them while crying, kills them and their chihuahuas, being heard by the downstairs creepy swingers party. But he’s not to blame, it’s his parents. They were swingers, and one night he caught his mother having some sloppy sex with a stranger. As if that wasn’t enough to make him cry while cuming one day, his mother caught him watching them, and spanked him while still in the nude. Since that day he pays hookers to make out while he watches them, sometimes whips them, cums in his pants, and cries about is.

Moar tits!

  Where’s the mystery part, you ask? Well, the lady he killed when the creepy swingers overheard him, Doris Mays, is not dead. Chihuahua is unfortunately, and what’s worse, he even killed her of screen, god damned PETAfied director. Doris now tries to kill Jonathan’s father and wife, and trying to make us wonder who she is, what the fuck is going on, how is she alive and so on. Unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen, because even if IMDb didn’t spoil it with their plot outline, you’d have to be mentally challenged not to get it.

Creepy swingers party

  It’s not a must see movie, that sure, or not even a thrilling or mystery film, whatever it tries to be. Actually it’s not even sexy. But it’s a fun flick nevetheless, if you just like me always enjoy some 60s nudity, creepy and never sexual. There are also some funny scenes, of course unintentionally, especially the weird swingers party scene, which I mentioned already. There’s a group of mostly non attractive men and women, and they are spinning weirdly while blindfolded, searching for their partner. When they are satisfied with what they feel, weird nude hugging commences.The mystery part is of course laughable and you figure it put literally in the first 20 minutes of the movie, and I’m not one of those people that say they figured out Memento right away.

And some more swingers tits

  The print from which the SWV transfered the movie is mostly in an almost mint condition, which is something that unfortunately can’t be said about some of their releases. That combined with a nice but stiff black and white photography is making this movie almost an eye candy, compared to other copies of exploitation flicks this obscure and old.

Never enough

  All in all it’s a fun flick, if you’re into some half-assed mystery, transvestite chihuahua killers, weird swinger parties, extremely softcore BDSM and cool jazzy scores.

No tits, nothing to see here, move along

They call it a hommage

Surprisingly, there’s a scream close up

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